About Perlamar Ltd

Perlamar operates as a distribution company providing radiopharmaceutical products and quality assurance equipment. The company was established in 1972 by Ann and Des Martindale and initially its core business was supporting the arrival of Nuclear Medicine and allergen testing in Ireland. Perlamar quickly gained a reputation as a reliable supplier providing high levels of customer support and delivery excellence.

During the early 1980’s, demand for quality assurance equipment expanded. To meet this demand we extended our product range. Today we have an extensive range of QA equipment and accessories in every major hospital in Ireland and we continue to add to our products every year. Our most recent additions were Gaffchromic QA films and a range of clinical care/injection resting chairs for PET and other infusion services. Perlamar has also added a new range of walking aids as we move forward into a new area of business mobility & rehabilitation products.

Today the company specialises in Nuclear Medicine and holds the largest range of HPRA licensed  diagnostic / therapy radiopharmaceuticals, offering a comprehensive range of products to our customers.

Perlamar also supply a wide range of reference and calibration sources plus radiation safety equipment from Europe and the USA’s leading manufacturers.

Our customers include: Private and public hospitals, HSE, Department of Health, Industrial manufacturers, Fire Brigade Service, NDT companies and others.

Perlamar is licensed in Ireland by the EPA, Office of Radiological Protection for the distribution/custody/ transportation/ storage of radiopharmaceuticals, and by the HPRA  (Health Products Regulatory Authority)  for diagnostic and radiotherapy products.

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