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Perlamar Ltd is a distribution company providing Radiopharmaceuticals, Quality assurance and Radiation Safety equipment including Survey meters and personal dosimeter solutions and software. The company was established in 1972 and quickly earned a reputation as a reliable supplier providing high levels of customer support and delivery excellence. Our customers include Private & Public Hospitals, HSE, Department of Health, Industrial manufacturers, Fire Brigade service, NDT companies and many others. Perlamar is licensed in Ireland by the EPA, Office of Radiological Protection (ORP) for the distribution/custody/transportation/storage of radiopharmaceuticals, and by the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA)  for a wide range of diagnostic and therapy products. Perlamar is fully compliant with ADR Class 7 radioactive transport of dangerous goods by road regulations as set out by the Department of Transport and the HSA/ORP.

ADR 7 (Radioactive) Road Transport

Perlamar Ltd offers a fully licensed ADR7 “Dangerous goods by road” transport service for all types of radioactive sources both Medical & Industrial. For more detailed information or a quotation please Contact Us

Gafchromic Film

Processor-less film dosimetry. Self-developing radiation-sensitive films for Radiation Therapy, Diagnostic / Radiology, Industrial. For a brochure or more detailed information / quotation please contact us


X-Ray Quality Assurance (EUROPE)

Complete QA solutions from Europe’s leading manufacturer of innovative QA equipment for X-Ray, CT, Mammo, Fluoroscopy & Dental. For a Brochure or more detailed information / quotation please contact us.


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