A wide range of multipurpose & personal radiation detection meters which include a variety of portable or bench top meters to accommodate your radiation detection needs.

X-Ray Quality Assurance (EUROPE)X-Ray Quality Assurance (EUROPE)

X-Ray Quality Assurance (EUROPE)

Complete QA solutions from Europe’s leading manufacturer of innovative QA equipment for X-Ray, CT, Mammo, Fluoroscopy & Dental. For a Brochure or more detailed information / quotation please contact us.

Gafchromic FilmGafchromic Film

Gafchromic Film

Processor-less film dosimetry. Self-developing radiation-sensitive films for Radiation Therapy, Diagnostic / Radiology, Industrial. For a brochure or more detailed information / quotation please contact us

ADR 7 (Radioactive) Road TransportADR 7 (Radioactive) Road Transport

ADR 7 (Radioactive) Road Transport

Perlamar Ltd offers a fully licensed ADR7 “Dangerous goods by road” transport service for all types of radioactive sources both Medical & Industrial. For more detailed information or a quotation please Contact Us



Tucane is an advanced walking aid that emulates a third hip. This new innovative concept substitutes a conventional cane.  It helps the user to walk in a correct straight and comfortable way by reducing and avoiding back pain as the result of wrong posture. When you walk, Tucane will move forward with your leg while you advance. You can adjust it to your exact height. The Tucane cap will automatically adjust while walking simulating the ankle joint. The cap is made of a special anti-slip rubber.  The Tucane special design absorbs impact and vibration. The soft rubber handle and shock absorbing design reduces the impact of the different anatomical structures of the hand, elbow and shoulder, preventing inflammation of the joints.   It also helps correct posture during gait and prevents the sliding of the feet over the floor. The design of the neck of the Tucane reduces the vibration and impact against the ground that transmits to the hands, elbow and shoulders, preventing carpel tunnel syndrome as well as Bursitis of the shoulder of the shoulder and elbow.  Tucane is without doubt the most advanced mobile aid system available in the market.  Tucane’s design mimics the human hip’s natural movement.

Combined with an ergonomic handle and our patented four-angle shoe cap, this sleek and innovative design makes it stand apart.



Introducing Ergobaum®, the first ergonomically designed, pain free crutch.  A lightweight crutch/cane that effectively reduces the side effects from the following: Shoulder & arm pain,  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tendon Subluxation.  Adjustable Cushion Grip: The Adjustable cushion grip is anatomically designed to avoid compression in the palm of the hands; the grip comprises a central spring with rubber support that adapts to the concave area of the hand.

Shock Absorber: Ergobaum contains shock absorbers which helps the user avoid carpel tunnel syndrome as well as Wrist Tendon Subluxation. The grip is covered in a state of the art rubber which provides for a non-slip surface.  Built in Knee rest: A built in knee rest allows the user to comfortably rest the knee on the platform while standing. This is especially useful for lower leg traumas such as ankle or foot injuries.

Shoe cap : Unique design provides traction throughout the gait and includes stabilizing “wings” for better grip on uneven surfaces. This patented shoe can also be retro fitted to standard crutches and canes if required.  The Ergobaum patented shoe cap allows for 4 angles with 30 degrees of flexion thereby emulating the three stages of the walking process which in turn allows the ankle to more evenly distribute the patient’s weight.

Safety Feature: The Crutch also has the unique feature of a Night light below the grip handle to aid patients in navigating poorly lit areas. .



Shoebaum® has been designed and developed by a renowned Orthopedic Surgeon and it has received an international patent for its substantial improvements in orthopaedic immobilization.   Shoebaum® immobilizes the foot and ankle during the gait, promotes comfort, cleanliness, and aesthetics while promoting healing.  Specially designed for foot and ankle trauma as the patient undergoes severe distal circulatory diseases, such as diabetes or distal thromboembolisms. An embedded air pressure pump with a release valve to inflate areas of the sock that provides a better distributed support and comfort.  Convenient Velcro® Straps for fast and easy adjustment. Easy front access to supervise wounds without removing immobilization.  Anti-vibration and Impact – absorbing EVA sole.

NEW – Britec Syringe re-capperNEW – Britec Syringe re-capper

NEW – Britec Syringe re-capper

Health and Safety (Sharps Instruments in Healthcare) Regulations 2013

These Regulations implement the EU Council Directive 2010/32/EU on the prevention of sharps injuries in the hospital and healthcare sector. Many of the requirements contained in the Directive already formed part of health and safety law in Great Britain. The new regulations only contain those requirements that are not specifically addressed in existing legislation.

HSE has produced a Health Services Information sheet Health and Safety (Sharp Instruments in Healthcare) Regulations 2013[1] to assist employers and employees to understand their legal obligations under the Regulations.

Perlamar Meets Nikki BradleyPerlamar Meets Nikki Bradley

Perlamar Meets Nikki Bradley

Perlamar donates New Ergobaum crutches to Nikki Bradley

To see Nikki’s latest blog on Donegal regarding our NEW Ergobaum crutches please follow the link below.  Nikki can also be followed on facebook at “Fighting fit for Ewings”.  You wont find someone with a brighter outlook on life, nothing seems to knock her back as she continues to promote through her fitness blogs awareness of a rare bone cancer called Ewings disease .

Nikki and her Ergobaums      Nikki and her Ergobaums II (Small)


Review of the Ergobaum crutch by James WalshReview of the Ergobaum crutch by James Walsh

Review of the Ergobaum crutch by James Walsh

Review of the Ergobaum crutch by James Walsh


Late in 2013 I got a phone call from Christine Bradshaw of Spinal Injuries Ireland to say that she had attended the Rehacare Exhibition in Dusseldorf and had seen a new style of crutch that she thought I might be interested in trying.

Christine was aware that I had mobility problems for nearly a year and that the ‘normal’ crutches weren’t giving me the support I needed which was severely affecting my walking confidence. Indeed I had attended the Open Day in the NRH and had listened to Derry Durand, who also uses crutches, talking about his occasional use of a wheelchair. I spoke to Derry afterwards and had seriously thought about getting a wheelchair. That is, until the Ergobaum crutches came along and the wheelchair was put on the back burner.

Christine set up a meeting with Perlamar Ltd. and they gave me a set of crutches to try out. Since then I’ve had an interesting time getting out and about and showing off my new crutches.

My first adventure was a walk in my local park with my wife Ann and our two dogs, something I haven’t been able to do for at least five years.

Shortly after that I went back to see my physiotherapist with both sets of crutches, old and new.  I walked up and down the corridor using first the old and then the Ergobaum crutches. She definitely thought that the Ergobaum crutches improved my posture and greatly improved my walking confidence.

One of my passions is horse racing and I used to love going to the Leopardstown Christmas meeting but hadn’t been for years as I didn’t feel confident enough in my walking.  On Stephen’s Day I went to the races at Leopardstown on my own (my wife doesn’t like horse racing). Again it was the crutches that did it for me and I thoroughly enjoyed the day although I lost a few Euro but then, you can’t have everything.

My wife and I celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary on the 1st January and we stayed in the Royal Marine Hotel for the night. The following morning we decided to take advantage of a rare sunny day and walked half way down the East Pier in Dun Laoghaire and back up, again this is something I haven’t done in years.

 A few weeks later I actually walked the full length of the pier, had an ice cream in Teddy’s in the grounds of the lighthouse at the end of the pier, and walked back up. Even when I was able bodied I would have thought twice about walking the pier but this time I saw it as a challenge and the crutches enabled me to do it.

There are a few things that take getting used to such as the weight of the crutches.  They are slightly heavier than my old crutches, however, I think the weight actually improves stability. Also the ferrules are quite large which also adds to the stability and lessens the danger of slipping and falling. The ferrules are spring-loaded which reduces jarring to your shoulders.

Whilst out walking recently I realised that I was looking up at the sky. It suddenly dawned on me that I don’t normally do this as I’m usually totally focused on the ground to make sure there are no obstacles that could trip me up. The crutches have completely restored my walking confidence and I love the freedom the crutches have given me and would happily recommend them to anyone, especially long-term crutch users like myself.

Spinal Injuries Ireland








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