Introducing Ergobaum®, the first ergonomically designed, pain free crutch.  A lightweight crutch/cane that effectively reduces the side effects from the following: Shoulder & arm pain,  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tendon Subluxation.  Adjustable Cushion Grip: The Adjustable cushion grip is anatomically designed to avoid compression in the palm of the hands; the grip comprises a central spring with rubber support that adapts to the concave area of the hand.

Shock Absorber: Ergobaum contains shock absorbers which helps the user avoid carpel tunnel syndrome as well as Wrist Tendon Subluxation. The grip is covered in a state of the art rubber which provides for a non-slip surface.  Built in Knee rest: A built in knee rest allows the user to comfortably rest the knee on the platform while standing. This is especially useful for lower leg traumas such as ankle or foot injuries.

Shoe cap : Unique design provides traction throughout the gait and includes stabilizing “wings” for better grip on uneven surfaces. This patented shoe can also be retro fitted to standard crutches and canes if required.  The Ergobaum patented shoe cap allows for 4 angles with 30 degrees of flexion thereby emulating the three stages of the walking process which in turn allows the ankle to more evenly distribute the patient’s weight.

Safety Feature: The Crutch also has the unique feature of a Night light below the grip handle to aid patients in navigating poorly lit areas. .